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No one tells you. Mouths are closed and Hope is driving the party bus on The Big Day.

No one tells you that there is a rather steep learning curve when united as one. That life would crack us open in ways we could have never imagined. That from each of these little quakes, seeds planted long ago, would be exposed to the elements.

No one tells you that when you choose another, where there was once drought there will be rain. We have endured many storms, drudged for irrigation, and weeded until our hands bled.

No one tells you that if you return to one another again and again, a once a dry and hard plot of dirt, will flourish.

When people refer to “ups and downs” I believe that to be code for turbulent times of epic proportions that almost broke me, followed by blue skies, calm waters and sunshine. Cocktails optional.

Let us rest today in our bountiful garden before the next torrential downpour.

I'll grab an umbrella, you grab the tarp.

This is 24.

Love, Michelle

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