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Coaching withMichelle

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How it Works

Our sessions will include a combination of deep listening, asking you powerful questions, guiding you through activities, giving you honest feedback and coaching you through the places where you tend to get stuck. We will work on building intentions with accountability, cultivating self compassion, building relationships, enhancing spirituality and celebrating accomplishments through meaningful work.  Together, we will shine the light on how you want to show up in the world.

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Our sessions will be intentional and aligned with your path moving forward. We will foster connection in our monthly sessions as you are offered a combination of meditations and opportunity for self reflection.

If you are ready to cultivate compassion and gain clarity reach out for a 20 minute free Consultation.


Are you a Coach or Creative who is dreaming of facilitating your own retreat?

Having hosted dozens of Workshops and Retreats, I can help you stay organized and inspired while watching your dream become a reality. Let's spread your wings!

Reach out for a 20 minute free Consultation.


Solo Sessions




Coaching with Membership

Coaches & Creatives

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Michelle is a natural-born coach. Her listening skills, coupled with her ability to create a customized program that is targeted to each person individually, make her an excellent choice.

- Michelle A.




I never thought I would be at a place where I would build other women up: that wasn't a model I was raised with.  So thankful for you and for having you by my side as I have been walking down this path.

- Dina K.

Image by Julian Hochgesang

Michelle has an infectious love of life and wicked sense of humor.  Opening up about personal feelings can be hard for me, but Michelle provided a safe and loving space enabling me to feel comfortable to express all emotions without judgement. Her gentle guidance and thoughtful questions allowed me to reflect and work through challenges in a positive and enlightening way. 

- Lisa E.

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