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Michelle Walsh is high energy, pure passion and fiercely fearless. Michelle is a connector who knows how to bring people together. She is an excellent facilitator with a huge heart who blends professionalism with a down-to-earth spirit that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed.


 Michelle has an incredible knack for gathering amazing people together, including teachers and practitioners who radiate positivity and love. She is great at making each person feel loved and welcomed and beautiful! She truly has created a village well where women are supporting women and it's a blessing to attend her events. She's also a talented, compassionate and SMART empowerment coach. I HIGHLY recommend her and all of her programs!!!


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Michelle is inspirational, motivational and just generally amazing! Michelle worked with me as my coach for more than 3 years, and not only did I look forward to our in-person sessions each week, but she was in my head as a positive, driving influence throughout the week between sessions. She kept me focused on my goals.

 For me, it has always been important to find a coach that is compatible with me. I absolutely recommend that you try a session with her. You will not regret it!

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I love working with Michelle! She is an amazing facilitator, a fabulous communicator, and she always knows when to joke and when to be real! I learn something about myself and others whenever I attend her events. The teaching is gentle and yet profound! I highly recommend Michelle Walsh!

— Sue Butzow

Posture Therapist

 As mothers, wives, professionals, friends, care givers, and masters of lists we can work so hard filling everyone else's cup that we find ourselves empty.  At Village Well, Michelle creates a safe and welcoming place where we can drop the labels we wear everyday and just be our perfectly imperfect selves.  Michelle has a loving kindness that radiates and lights up a room.  She helps us to truly see our own gifts and grow those so that we might shine, too.  Michelle is a magnet for amazing women.  There are few places you enter as strangers and leave arm in arm as sisters.  This is that place!  You leave Village Well events renewed, refreshed, restored and with a cup overflowing with self love and gratitude for this wonderful woman and the community she has created.  I would highly recommend any Village Well event.

— Renee Hart



My Village Well has been such a resource of amazing women and my soul-sisters. If you have  ever wished you had a group of uplifting women surrounding you who were on their own path to wellness, this is it! Warm, welcoming, open and honest, Michelle guides us into ourselves and we have the supported opportunity to reach new levels of self-love and level up in worthiness! I love this group so much!

— Marni Barber Moore


I am a massive fan of Village Well and the amazing Michelle Walsh. The community of women is powerful, fun, light hearted and yet deep at the same time.

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I love working with Michelle. She has created an incredible space for women to gather, connect and share. She is an exceptional connector, facilitator, retreat leader and organizer. When she asks if I want to teach or coach at a retreat I always say yes. The care she takes to select the right teachers, and the trust she has in our work makes it a pleasure to work with her. Michelle is always on top of things, she is frank and vulnerable at the same time, truly authentic and always hits the right mark with the people she coaches and works with. I just trust her.


My Village Well is an amazing community that supports, uplifts and guides to help you become the best version of yourself. Michelle is an outstanding leader and her ability to share herself, her humor and her life stories makes My Village Well such a safe place to share yourself while also having some really good laughs! The speakers and variety of topics makes MY Village Well so current and interesting!

— Corrie Samaniego

Mindset Performance Coach

Village Well is a place to collaborate on meaningful mindful living and compassion for others and this world.  It’s a place to fill your tool bucket, release the things you need to, hear from other extraordinary women and grow your inner sanctuary.

— Michelle Lee Walters


Every time I meet with all of these amazing women I feel like I am a stronger person. I walk away energized, confident, and loved. Michelle is an awesome leader and mentor. Love My Village Well!

— Carrie Eisenhauer Sailors



 Michelle has a gift she has chosen to share with the world and I am grateful. As a Coach, she will be your cheerleader, she will cry with you, she will laugh with you and she will give you the space, time and support to come to a resolution. Through Self-Love Project, she has exposed me to an incredible group of authentic women. Many have unique gifts they share which has provided me with different  paths to explore and deepen my Spirituality. All we need is a little LOVE. Here they hold space for you to be.

— Laura Schemmel


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