About Me

My name is Michelle Francois Walsh. I was born and raised locally in Campbell, California. Together, my husband and I are raising five daughters. I am a former Weight Watchers Leader who has successfully lost 100 pounds, and kept it off for 17 years.  


For awhile now, I have longed to create a safe and sacred space where women can gather to share their authentic truth, and support each other. A space, free from fear of judgement, where we can just be... heard, empowered, supported, held, seen and understood.


This is what I know: carving out time to take care of myself, molds me into a more present mom, wife, and friend. When I carve out time to take care of myself, I am able to lean into something bigger (God, Spirit, the Divinity in all of us). And when I lean into something bigger, I thirst for connection with my husband, daughters, and friends: my village. By making myself a priority, things tend to move more seamlessly in my loud, messy, but abundantly blessed life.


Let us gather, like women did at the well in the village, to quench our thirst, speak freely, and feel fully and truly replenished.  


Incredibly honored am I, to be on this journey together with you. Until we meet, may the blessings be.