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About Me


My name is Michelle Francois-Walsh. I was born and raised in the Bay Area in California. Together, my husband and I are raising five daughters. As a former educator, turned Weight Watchers Coach, my journey back Home to myself began almost twenty years ago, when I lost 100 pounds. 

A yearning began to grow inside of me to create a sacred space designed for people to gather and share authentically, while supporting one another. A container to be...seen, heard, held.


"Life School" can be tricky, and the truth is, we are not meant to travel alone.  Our journey becomes more seamless when we are part of an inclusive community.


I also host Soul Sauce Writing. I have been set free by telling the truth. Some pieces I write and store away not for public consumption. Other pieces I feel compelled to share as a thread that links us together in this Life Tapestry. Either way, I am extracting the words OUT of my body. Whether we recognize it or not, these emotions take up residence in our hearts, livers, and spleens without even offering to help with the rent and utilities. Setting these stories free and off into the light has liberated me. 

I feel incredibly honored to be on the path, where together we amplify our inherent goodness. My hope is that you will join us.


Get in Touch

I feel passionate about serving others.


I began my career teaching 6th grade prior to raising my family.  For the nearly two decades that followed, I was a WW Coach.

 My retention rates were consistently high, and meetings were filled with inspiration, encouragement and laughter. 


By creating Village Well, I currently work with groups both online and in person.

A compassionate extrovert by nature, I am comfortable keeping individuals engaged while leading activities and having fun.

I have an uncanny ability to "read the room" and go where the group is being called.

My abilities to use humor and flexibility lend themselves to create connection and community seamlessly.  

I am also a certified Wild Writing Teacher, allowing me to lead groups through the writing process cultivating a sense of empowerment while fostering connection. 


If your group is seeking a high energy retreat facilitator or Soul Sauce Writing Instructor,

please reach out.

Michelle Francois-Walsh



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