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Create a Space

 SUNDAY 7 - 8 pm PST
NEW in 2024, join us for Create a Space Sunday with Michelle Francois-Walsh for an opportunity to flex your Creative Superpowers to write, paint, or create in community online

Image by Daniel Mingook Kim

Create a Space Sunday

What is it?

One Sunday of each month, we will gather in community online to use our Creative Superpowers. The invitation is simply this:  write, paint, or create whatever your heart desires. We will all be working on different projects, with the same end goal in mind: to get a little further and HAVE FUN! 

Schedule - 2024

SUNDAY 7 - 8 pm PST

September 29

October 27

November 24

Create a Space is Included with:

*Village Well Membership 

Email with details will be sent 24 hours prior to each session.

Image by Daniel Mingook Kim

Michelle Francois-Walsh: Community Builder

Michelle Walsh is an educator, spiritual seeker, and creator of My Village Well. Michelle's innate use of vulnerability, a disarming sense of humor, and her contagious zest for life, have created a safe haven where individuals are seen and community is a lifeline. Using her five daughters as inspiration, Michelle develops Workshop and Retreat curriculum around topics such as: courage, positive body image, and creating healthy boundaries. Michelle believes fiercely in helping others step into their infinite Divine potential.

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