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What Really Matters

What really matters is when all of your babies come home, they each know exactly where the key to get into the house is located. This can become complicated when the one who used it last, failed to return it to its rightful place…words are tossed into the air like unanswered questions, yet somehow, the key is found.

What really matters is how many things remain the same, even if my babies continue to change. The kitchen table, having hosted thousands of meals, is christened with paint from art projects two decades ago. We cover her with a tablecloth, and pretend we are fancy. At mealtime we pull up a stool, sometimes two if there is a guest, so that our family with too many people can sit together. This is my church.

What really matters is the way in which the sisters tend to one another. The two bookends, Abby and Charlotte, head out to see what treasures will be recovered while thrifting. Bella, Cosette and Emma grab coffee or tea. The tribe of 5 meets back at the house to pile into one car to watch the sunset at Hidden Beach. The same place I took them countless summer days. Tom and I sit back and watch.

What really matters is not a clean toilet, but an ample supply of toilet paper. Not what I’m serving for a meal, but that there is enough to feed 7 (or maybe 8 or 9). Not what time we all plop down on the couch with too many pillows to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, but that we do - together.

In ONE day, my babies will all be home. Although touchdown will be brief, what really matters is all 5 of my chicks will be a sleeping under one roof. And I cannot wait. If You're Someone who is counting down the days, I see you.

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