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When culture says I should fill my face, I say no.

Instead, I say yes to my creased brow that holds decades of wisdom, and hard earned lessons. The wrinkles around my eyes are my receipt of unbridled expression. By covering these lines, cementing over them, I deny my experiences that I AM STILL HERE.

When culture tells me to keep it slim and trim, I sing back, “This striped tummy brought forth 5 humans. She did that amazing work. This tummy grew twins to FULL TERM wow. Thank you magnificent girl.”

When society preaches to keep it sexy, I admire my breasts not for how they present to the world, but the fact they made milk and fed my daughters. These amazingly talented boobs tandem nursed twins...a party trick I mastered that I still remember fondly. I say yes to their shape that droops, as my body answered the call without ever denying me once. She just delivered expecting nothing in return.

When culture says, “Buy this cream to fix your neck “ I say no. Every crease reminds me of my mom. And as I age, it is an honor to look more and more like her.

Why would I ever want to change that?

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