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🦋Thanks Universe🦋

I struggle with wanting to be right. 

When emotions hijack my brain, (which happens more often than I care to admit), I try to remember to ask myself this question: “Michelle, (speaking to myself in third person is normal, right?), do you want to be right, or do you want to be in a relationship?”

Currently, I’m batting .170. (I had to look up what a low batting average is). The good news is I can only go up from here.

Can you believe my luck when the Universe provided an opportunity to practice this EXACT skill this past week? I asked for help from my friends on social media to spread the word of my small business. Within a day 100 new folks became followers. WOW and THANK YOU!  I also had a “feeling”, an opportunity for learning of some kind would present itself. And that it did.

Cue a “Christian” woman who was invited to our VW FB page.  She righteously expressed confusion thinking we are a spiritual group (we are). Next she mentioned something about witchcraft (because intuition?), quoted scripture (to save us?), and weaponized Jesus (in an attempt to gain her way to Heavenly salvation?) 

Immediately, I became protective of the Villagers, who hold varied beliefs and faith traditions (because inclusivity). I thought this is the exact reason why people step away from organized religion. Simply put, she was not curious about the Village. She showed up to start a fight. And I, for one, will not tolerate judgement shrouded in “Christianity” in our sacred space. (never mind I consider myself a follower of the JC!)

I breathed. I forced my blood pressure back to normal. I prayed for guidance in my response, knowing full well that my words would be on the internet forevermore. As a business owner, I could not react. I needed to respond in kind. "Christian" lady continued to debate with me. Clearly, I needed saving.

What happened next in the FB thread is the VERY reason I believe the Holy Spirit is alive and well (working OVERTIME without paid vacation). A Villager lovingly called her out, expressed that this group of women has supported her and loved her unconditionally, and ultimately wished her well. “Christian” woman actually AGREED with said Villager, that maybe she did come into our space to debate. Suddenly, there was no more fuel in the fire. Because when “righteousness” is met with grace, there is no more fight. Just love, baby. 

What I really want you to know is this: 

Our mission at Village Well is to cultivate a generous and uniquely dynamic sense of community. We honor the inclusivity of diverse faiths, genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We are on an individual and collective journey to become the best version of ourselves. 

We believe in cultivating:



and radical self-love.

It is our intention to create safe and nourishing opportunities to connect. In our community, you are valued and you will be witnessed with compassion.

That is all...and oh, I love you and will fight for you no matter what you do or do not believe.



a love note, left by one of my babies...for no reason. may you be loved in this way today.

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