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Wednesday morning I got my starter tattoo.

I have had a desire to do this brave and stupid thing for about 10 years. I even made a FB post about it so I wouldn't chicken out. A tattoo is a personal and forever decision. It’s intimate and tells a story. What to get, where to put it, what size…so many questions.

( 5 intertwined hearts ((daughters)) - inside of my wrist - 1 inch by 1 inch )

Ask anyone who has a tattoo what the significance is around it, and prepare to be amazed.

When I overheard my daughters making an appointment for their first tattoos in honor of Cosette's 18th birthday next week, I realized it was GO time! This was my catalyst, the thing that finally motivated me to find the exact picture of what I wanted, make the appointment, and show up.

Although I am a spontaneous girl by nature who leads with her heart, it seems I also work well under pressure!

The best part? Cosette taking me to and from my appointment. She said it felt like a "trial run", while also asking me every five minutes if it hurt and did the shop supply numbing cream ( which they do, by the way - at an extra cost :)

I am so glad I did it: I love it! And it is my most sincere hope that we all find the inspiration to do the thing that has been rolling around in our hearts and noggins for far too long.

BTW, if you go for your first tattoo, and need a hand to hold, I have one available.

Big Love,


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