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Friendship Be Like...

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

A good friend is like a healing salve for any ailment. Once you immerse yourself in her presence, whatever is bothering you, starts to fade away. Slowly at first, until miraculously, you forget where it hurt to begin with. This friend will instinctively follow the below protocol, with no instructions needed, using her gut as a compass.


Stress: she will send you stupid memes full of inside jokes; she may also come bearing tea or wine to rock with you on the front porch like 2 old ladies at a retirement home.

Sick: she will make you a home cooked casserole or DoorDash you a delicious meal that will feed your army family, leaving leftovers for the next day.

Heartache: when your mom has cancer, she will take your best last baby ever for overnights without any question, she will drop books and magazines and flowers. She will offer to pick up your children from school and cart them to extra curricular activities, without being prompted.

Goofy: she will laugh with you about stupid shit so hard that you may or may not pee a little (or more than a little).

Sad: she will check in on you without offering any advice, making sure you’re hanging on.

Feeling unsure: she will provide emotional shelter and comfort with her ease and presence, that leaves you feeling like she’s tucking you into bed at the end of a long day, snug as a bug.

She just gets you. And you get her. And the two of you are better together because of it. Here’s to the women holding us up, encouraging our crazy, and loving us all the way through it.

Sending you Empowering Love, Michelle Francois Walsh

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