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The Do-Over

Do you believe in luck?

My lucky time is based on a re-do. Like a do over. I feel lucky that although I didn't have

a kinship with my mom prior to Cancer, (because honestly - I was and still am A LOT) we got one at the end. It was an extended two year period of grace, surrender, forgiveness. 

Chemo, cards, walks. Tubs, Jean Nate powder puff, cannabis brownies. Inflatable mattress, palliative care, liquid morphine. Pictures from grandbabies on the wall, me painting her toenails, me sobbing on the floor at her bedside. Her comforting me. A fox showing itself on THREE separate occasions before and after her final curtain call. The night she died, I was laying in bed after watching her being wheeled out of the home sans life for the last time. No one tells you about that part. 

Do you believe in luck? Other words to describe this feeling may include: blessed or grateful. This is an opportunity to write about a time you felt lucky. Maybe you met someone at just the right time, or you felt protected in some way, or you or someone you know escaped injury or near death. Write down everything that comes up as you invoke this memory. How has it impacted your life? Have you not thought about it in a while? How does it feel thinking about it now? Or maybe you got a re-do, a do over, like me.


If you have the hankering to write, consider joining us for Soul Sauce Writing - 4 sessions on Tuesday evenings from 7 - 8:30 pm PT online. Limited space!

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