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In the course of one week, I feel as though I have lived multiple lifetimes.

While merging onto HWY 17, the dashboard on my Prius lit up like a Christmas tree: HYBRID SYSTEM MAINTENANCE. This indication left me without any acceleration power much past 25 mph. My 16 year old passenger, who is in the process of becoming a driver herself, didn’t seem the least bit concerned. Instead she continued to inquire about the music selection, as we almost died. So I sang her this song, “Come on car, just get us home, come on mouse car, you can do it.”

Just 48 hours later, like many households across America, we had 2 kids test positive for Covid the day BEFORE I was scheduled to facilitate our twice yearly Beach Retreat.

And to just keep things interesting, my kid drove cross country from Wisconsin with a UHaul trailer after graduating college in a ceremony that was far too expensive for our family to attend. This left her weepy and me feeling guilty.

If one thing is certain, it’s uncertainty.

I recently took a class on Emotional Intelligence, with this theme song playing through each session: acceptance. But see, oftentimes, I want to take Acceptance to the mat. As if baking a cake, I need to follow these steps which include but are not limited to getting to acceptance:

talk “it” out

hike “it” out

write “it” out

cry “it” out

pray “it” out

rage “it” out

breathe “it” out.

Sometimes while sifting and sorting and stewing and brewing, “good” things bubble to the surface too. But if I’m not paying attention, I’ll miss it, ya know?

After 10 days of solitary confinement like a felon in the prison system, my kid finally tested negative. Never before have I seen her so excited to go to school and take a test on the very last day of the year.

My Prius is ready to be picked up at the Dealership and was covered under warranty. This is a relief, as 4 drivers were sharing one vehicle this week. (Stay tuned for my next blog when I talk about how we have direct deposits going to our mechanic’s account. WE LOVE YOU JIM.)

And my recent graduate is taking off the month of June to live her best life. She has already told future employers she can start working July 1. I’m taking notes.

Life is uncertain and good. But sometimes we need to go through our own process to get there.

If you’re a sifter, I see you.


* Jesus, I would like to thank you for this photo opportunity in New Orleans across the street from a Seminary. This was snapped after I accosted a table full of young seminarians at dinner on my way out the door, sharing my unsolicited views on things, like how women should be Priests.

They sat in silence, not amused. But I think Jesus would totally be down, don't you?

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