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Sometimes we literally get stopped in our tracks. Like yesterday, when this beauty was sprawled out in front of me.

What I am not: a snake aficionado. The little I do know is that Rattlers and Gopher snakes look similar enough to a middle aged woman without her Progressives while hiking not to take a chance. And this lovely refused to disclose her tail.

What’s a girl to do? Decisions, decisions.

My initial reaction was one of frustration - “Seriously right now? I have an appointment, which I will surely be late for, because of YOU.” Pay no mind that I was a mere visitor traipsing through without a parking pass in this tenant’s backyard.

I stomped. Surely, my size 11’s will feel like the Loma Prieta of ‘89. No buildings fell. No fires broke out. No snake moved.

Ever so gently, I rolled a rock. Ping. Still, no movement. Clearly, this was a standoff.

I did the only thing left to do: I turned back. I recalculated. I took the main trail instead.

Sisters, please allow me to remind you that you do this every damn day. But we fail to acknowledge it because, well, because we’re women and we are too busy getting shit done.

You have a plan. It goes astray. You recenter.

You’re a GD map builder. You’re like the Waze app finding a new route to ensure all your people arrive safely and with snacks. You’re a badass.

Go look in the mirror right now, and say, “I’m a MF badass.”

Did you do it? Excellent. Good talk.

I love you, Michelle

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