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Our microwave blew up: well, maybe blew up is a strong term. It caught fire.

Apparently, the fifth child never got the memo that aluminum foil and microwaves aren’t kindred like vodka and cranberry. And so, she and I found ourselves standing in line the next day, at Best Buy awaiting the pick up of the same exact microwave for a mere $200.

With the Pandemic in full swing, we all took our place 6 feet apart in line on a chilly December day.

“Oh mom, it’s cold”, Charlotte said. “How long are we going to have to wait?“

I surveyed the 10 people in front of us moving at glacial speed, and responded,”Honey, we are going to practice patience.”

A long, drawn out 5 minutes passed when it dawned on me: CURBSIDE PICK UP! There was no need for us to wait outside in the brisk 65° California weather. The new Microwave could be brought to us, while we waited comfortably in our Prius, Charlotte finishing distance-learning from the passenger seat.

“Come on!“ I said, explaining to my kid my brain storm of ditching the line.

It was then, without missing a beat, she said, “so what happened to practicing patience?”

Called out by my 10 year old.

When was the last time you harnessed patience ?

Asking for a friend

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Ha! I think both my kids did some kind of metal in a microwave. Top ramen with no water is stinky burnt one…

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