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I Know Better Now...

I know better now…

I make two gigantic pans of scalloped potatoes as a side dish for Easter when the kids are home. One week ago, where just four people abided in the homestead, a 3 pound bag of Yukon golds would have produced plenty with leftovers. The “Today Me” knows an eight pound bag of these magic carbs, 2 sticks of butter, 4 ½ cups of milk, and 3 onions oughta do the trick. 

I know better now...

than to rush in and hug my dad when he arrives from Santa Rosa, because grandkids get first dibs. He takes a turn with each: pull in, pat, embrace. Making the rounds, he finally arrives at Annika, Abby’s girlfriend of three years. This is their first meeting - he breaks down in tears, explaining he’s so happy to meet such a fine young woman. He has included the partners in the Easter card dole out: Abby, Bella, Emma, Cosette, Charlie, Allen, Annika. 

I know better now...

I just listen to these now grown and flowns bantering at the kitchen table with the flock who have yet to leave the nest, while playing a game of Werewolf or Killer or some other “Who Dunnit”. I played it once, and that was enough for this lifetime. I need noise canceling headphones - this is the sound of love. Often, Tom and I will hide in our bedroom because we are overwhelmed at what we have created. He pretends to stretch on the floor and I answer the texts I have neglected all day. These kids. I am humbled. These kids, I am grateful.

I know better now...

If you're watching and witnessing, I see you.



The "crazy" picture...Brother Matt, Tom, me, Bella, Abby, Charlie, Annika, Uncle Jim, Auntie Sammy, Caroline, Cosette, Papa.

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