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Let's Burn Some Stuff

My Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership Card: I carried this thing with me for over 20 years. Yes, dear reader, two decades. 

Why did I do that, you may ask? TBT: I cannot ever remember not struggling with my body image. Being the tallest one in the class who wore glasses did not do me any favors in elementary school. Fast forward: binging and purging through my teens and into my 20’s, I have arrived at a place where I DO NOT CARE to fit into society’s standards of how beauty is defined. 

Our purpose while we are here on this Earth, has absolutely nothing to do with how much we weigh. Further, (because now I am on a roll), the scale cannot measure our gifts, our compassion, or all the ways that we DO care for ourselves. 

Beloveds, I implore you - if you have a scale, please put it in a place where you will not see it daily. My scale is in the back of my closet, right next to my wedding dress. Maybe one of those things will be worn by one of my daughters one day. Probably not, but I can dream.

I hope you will join me! In moving your temple in a way that brings you joy. Eating foods that nourish your soul. And in burning anything down that no longer serves you.

And dear one, if you ever want to chat about this, let’s grab some tea…I’m right here. 

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I love you. Thank you for this, needed it today. 💗 Amy Gurich

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