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I Want This for You

If you're reading this, I want this for you. And I am not just saying that. I really want it for you. (Two renditions of the same exact blessing/prayer/pep talk)

In 2023, may we...

GROW in peace

(Permission to read for pleasure, hide from your kids and take a bath, binge watch Netflix without guilt)

CELEBRATE our gifts

(Your sparkle is fucking magical, and we're here for it)

CULTIVATE new friendships

(Wanna hang out?)

ACCEPT what is with reverence

(Pour a cup of tea, add honey, sip. Repeat as often as needed.)

OPEN to this Great Mystery

(WHOA, buckle up!)

KNOW that we are being held by the Big Something

(Did you guys see that sunrise today? Goooo God! Like, seriously.)

Above all, may you feel LOVE and BELONGING

(We have an extra seat at our lunch table…come sit next to us.)

Happy New Year Love...

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