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Dear God...

Dear God,

I know this may (not) come as a surprise to You, but lately I feel like I’m looking for trouble filled with good intentions. Like I am a raccoon raiding a family’s campsite that failed to lock up their s'mores. And hotdog buns. And open bottle of Tequila.

Although I am full of wonder, curiosity, and a zest for life, sometimes, this also leaves me feeling unhinged. Out of control. Completely unfocused and distracted.

So I have a small favor.

When I forget to breathe, will you gently remind me to inhale, and allow Your oxygen to fill my lungs?

When my Ego takes the wheel and yells “THIS SHIP IS GOING DOWN” unless I control all the things, all the people, and all of the worldwide events, will you kindly take me back to step one? And remind me that there is a Divinely woven intricate tapestry of miracles that are unfolding every single second?

When I lament that I appear haggard and old, tired and wrinkled, and looking worn with the 5 decades I have been here, will you please help me remember the wisdom I am acquiring every single day? That my job to be a Joy Sprinkler comes wrapped in a package that resembles a Christmas gift that has been torn open with wild abandon from all four corners? Not left untouched and forgotten under the tree?

When I start to fret about my children’s futures, our lacking retirement, or the kitchen counter that is pulling up around the edges and needs to be replaced, please whisper my true nature to remind me to let the love all the way in, as I spoon my 10 year old Black Lab, who will also leave me one day. Because that is how this works.

I know, right? It’s a tall order. But You’re the One that taught me it’s “no until you ask”.

Sorry - not sorry.

Thank you for loving me in my broken wholeness, my sparkly train wreck of life, and for always reminding me I am loved fully and completely.

You’re pretty rad,


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