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A Letter to My Daughters

My Daughters . . .

Abigail, Isabella, Emma, Cosette and sweet Charlotte,

I am not sure exactly why, but I have been gently nudged to write you a letter. As I type it, I, myself, am not even really sure what I am supposed to tell you. But my heart wisdom will exit my fingers, and find it's way out onto the keyboard hopefully, in a somewhat sensible manner.

First and above all else, REMEMBER TO BE YOU, especially when those you know and love are standing with you. But even more importantly, when others, stuck in their own insecurities, are forcibly pushing against you. They may try to break you by saying you are too bright, too much, too big, or too outspoken. When you feel scared or confused, remember where you come from: a home full of love and light, where it is safe but messy, comfortable but cluttered, where all are welcomed. A home that often smells of chili in the crock pot, and the scent of wet dog after Bo comes in from the rain. Remember, that no matter what you do, positive or negative, struggle or triumph, big or small, my love for you will never, ever, ever change. I am here to celebrate all of your successes, but more so, to love you when you have failed, and are not sure if you have the strength to continue.

LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION. If something in your life is happening, and it doesn't feel quite right, and you can't seem to put your finger on it, that is God gently poking you, asking you to reassess the situation. Don't be fearful to ask for guidance and courage to do the right thing. And this right thing may be for you, but often, I have found in my own path, it is for someone else. This will be one of many opportunities to be brave, and self-less. Even if you feel unsure, remember that