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Soul Sauce

Image by Jack Skinner

Tuesday 4 - 5:30 pm PT

with Michelle

Begins 10/1

8 Week Sessions ONLINE

Welcome to Soul Sauce Writing with Michelle! A sacred space for you to relax and let the love flow! Soul Sauce Sessions use poetry, prose and/or music for inspiration to write 2 - 3 pieces during our time together.


Like a rinse cycle, we will write, share and repeat. We focus on flow not feedback. On liberation over publication (although often stunning pieces are crafted during class).We are giving a big middle finger to the inner critic by allowing ourselves to unleash to hit the release valve through writing.

What to Expect

8 Online Writing Sessions with one compassionate and FUN Facilitator: Tuesdays from 4 - 5:30 pm PT:

October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, BREAK, November 12, 19, BREAK, December 13. 


Everything we do in circle is an invitation for us to get reacquainted with our stories, our truth, our soul sauce. Soul Sauce Writing is saying yes to the next thought, word, or emotion without fear of judgement. Our group will be a intimate container of 8, allowing each of us to have our own experience while building capacity as a group.

Registration Opens 8/1

Discounted Price for a Limited Time

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Image by Joshua Sortino

I have been set free by telling the truth. Some pieces I write and store away not available for public consumption. Other pieces I feel compelled to share as a thread that links us together in this Life Tapestry. Either way, I am extracting the words OUT of my body. Whether we recognize it or not, these emotions take up residence in our hearts, livers, and spleens without even offering to help with the rent and utilities. Setting these stories free and off into the light has liberated me. I feel lighter.

I am not a writing teacher. I am a lady who happens to believe that what you’re saying yes to on the page, ESPECIALLY when you want to say NO, will heal all of us.  


I am a person who will be offering jump off lines & prompts without expectation of one single thing. Everything is an invitation for us to get reacquainted with our sweet selves. I will also tell you I love you. That might make you uncomfortable. I don’t care. Making time unleash on the page and hit the release valve makes me love you more. 

We are practicing letting go - allowing what is coming to land without judgment or criticism. We are opening the dam wall allowing water to flow into the reservoir without ceasing. We are fluid like water. 


Writing is just noticing. Writing is paying attention. Writing is a listening practice. Notice how the gentle observing carries over into other areas of your life. It changes you. Allowing more presence. Simplicity becomes prayer. 


Or like my Wild Writing Instructor, Laurie Wagner, says,

“It’s not out there - it’s right here.”

I hope you will join us for Soul Sauce Writing to experience your own journey of liberation.

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