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How do we hold both things simultaneously, sorrow and joy? Like a scale in the produce department of Nob Hill measuring fruit to prepare us for the cost during checkout.

I believe it would be easier if we were just measuring apples.

Yesterday, my daughter who just graduated college got a second interview. I don’t even know what for. It doesn’t matter. She texted this good news in ALL CAPS excited for the possibility of what lies ahead.

Meanwhile, in a dear friend's hometown in Texas, children and teachers were shot and killed at school. Those babies are our babies. Those teachers are our teachers. That community is our community. This is a soul level grief sucker punch of pain that leaves us gasping for air, and throwing our fists up for change.

Holy Spirit come.

Remind us who we came to be.

Holy Spirit come.

Remind us we are a collective.

Holy Spirt come.

If you feel angry, grief stricken, or numb,

I see you...

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