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Viva la France

See this?

See how Emma leans into her younger sister with a mixed sense of relief and coming home? See how her older sister towers over her providing refuge?

My children have done it. Gotten themselves to a country which according to Ancestry and Me, we are made of approximately half-ish.

My heart is full to over bursting with their joy de vivre. Emma’s ability to find a job, accommodations and fully immerse herself in French culture, without speaking the language or knowing how to drive a stick shift. She is doing it.

Bella’s ability to plan this leg of the journey for Spring Break with Cosette. Securing and purchasing plane tickets, bus transport, and hotel. Not once did they ask for help. The three of them worked out the details, the timeline, the adventure.

I have spoken to them more in the last 48 hours than in the previous year and I’m here for it.

3 days ago I felt excited. 2 days ago I was weepy. Today I am proud.

It’s all normal, and it’s all okay. And my kids got to France before I did. My daughters have adopted a “Why the hell not?” attitude towards life, and I’m taking notes.

It's phenomenal.

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