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Today's Sermon

Today’s sermon is the rush of the furnace roaring to life after having its own slumber.

Today’s sermon is the banging in my bathroom as my daughter returns the flatiron she borrows each morning because, “Yours is so much better than mine, mom.”

Today’s sermon takes place as the only red headed one of the bunch lays horizontal on the floor, face to face with the lab - kissing his wet nose, reminding him, he’s a “Gooood boy.”

Today’s sermon is the steaming coffee pouring into my oversized Pioneer Woman coffee mug. This act occurs because the husband prepares the pot the night prior. Hallelujah and praise the lord.

Today’s sermon begins as I ease into my Prayer Chair to begin the morning ritual: light the candle, grab a blanket, hold mala beads. 

Remember where you came from. 

Remember where you came from.

Remember where you came from.

Fun Fact: Marni shot this video as we headed to the beach for our Closing's sermon could also very well include spontaneous dancing.

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