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Thank You.

* Disclaimer: Although I generally attempt to be positive in my writing, I try to be relatable. This is one of those blogs. Honest and gut wrenching for me. I almost didn't post it, but I need to be authentic and honest. Thank you for reading with kind eyes.

We broke up.

I cannot pinpoint the exact moment it happened. But I can tell it will never be the same. Like a slow burn, I could feel us drifting apart. Friendships do that - no one is immune. The grief of what once was, plays in my mind on a loop.

There is a hole in my heart that she had access to and vice versa. But a locksmith came like a thief in the night and changed the locks. Life moved on. Kids grew up. Things changed. All the stupid fucking cliches.

Thank you…for epic trips, for non stop laughter, for your unconditional love in the birth of babies and through the death of loved ones. Thank you for walking lockstep with me like a sister I didn’t know I needed until I did. I only want the very best for you.

My heart is a little broken. It feels a bit tender, and I’m fairly certain it will feel this way for a while. And that’s okay.

But I bet if you’re reading this, you can say, me too. Yep, me too. We understand this unexpected ending.

Maybe that’s more than enough for both of us right now.

I'm okay.

So are you.

You are too.

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