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I can keep a secret like a vault.

But surprises? Not a chance. Especially if I am orchestrating the "surprise".

I become very excited to share the big news and this feeling hijacks my heart, until before I know what is happening I am sharing the not surprise with the surprise receiver.

Take these baby pictures of Tom: these gems were unearthed while we are in the midst of giving his office space a facelift. Immediately, I thought to myself, while forgetting that I cannot keep a surprise, "I am going to frame these, put them up on the wall for him, and then surprise him."

When in fact, I did nothing of the sort. As soon as they were framed, I yelled to him from downstairs, "Look what I made for you!"

So don't ask me to throw anyone a surprise party of any kind because I will warn them a full month in advance. I cannot help it. I'm excited by things like this.

* Also, how cute is Tom though?

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