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Monkey Mind

For the first time in my entire life, I am on a personal retreat as neither participant or facilitator. Just me. And my monkey mind on full throttle for 72 hours.

I’m like a kid in a candy store after hours: I can have everything I want, whenever I want, for FREE. What shall we start with on this path to enlightenment?

Maybe I should take a walk? Better yet, I can stroll while listening to a true crime podcast. Ladies, are you with me? Hearing stories of murder is oddly calming. Okay wait: I should start with the labyrinth - I usually get a message there. On second thought, I think I will write. But first I should meditate. Actually, I think I’ll try some Yoga - stretch and do the 4/4/8 breath. I need peace and I need it NOW. There is never enough time! This retreat is really starting to stress me out.

I slept a solid 8 hours last night - didn’t even get up to pee. If my retreat ended right now, I would consider it successful. Before slumber, I got my fill on the “reality” of the Duggar family weirdness: 19 kids and counting.

Hiking today, I began to wonder how Michelle Duggar’s uterus actually stayed inside of her body after 19 humans exited her birth canal. It’s a wonder isn’t it? I know I should be more concerned about global warming and how to help immigrants, but I kept thinking about Michelle’s uterus.

Which reminds me to call my OB to discuss hoisting my bladder back to its original point of origin prior to the births of my daughters. I’ll add that to my to-do list right after I meditate.

This retreat isn’t so bad after all.

If finding peace is a challenge for you, me too.

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