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The Anointing

Updated: May 3, 2021

My Fellow Sisters,

I have been incredibly humbled by your response to Village Well. Initially, when trying to name this beautiful thing that y’all have participated in, a dear friend suggested I put sticky notes on a wall. A sticky note to represent everything that I wanted to call in. There were a lot of sticky notes decorating my computer closet walls! Women. Support. Self Love. Empowerment. Authenticity. Stories. Healing. Listening. Gathering.

But time and time again, I came back to a village (you), and some body of water. When sharing this with a different friend, she said, “Michelle, think about all of the symbolism that comes with’s cleansing, a sign of renewal and rebirth, it quenches our thirst.”

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any deeper, she said, “and the well in the village is where women gathered during the day, to collect the water. To connect. To take a moment in between chores and catch up.” Whoa, man.

As last Sunday’s Retreat date was approaching, I started to feel doubt and fear creep in. And that Fear had a voice that sounded kind of like this...

“Oh my God, what are you thinking? There are 12 women who have taken 6 hours out of their day, some of who have never even met you! Do you really think you can pull this off, Michelle? Who do you think you are?” (note: anytime you ask yourself a rhetorical questions filled with several irrelevant details, that you would never mutter in front of another real live human being, that’s FEAR talking)

And fear was trying to boss me around, telling me I couldn’t do it. That I wouldn’t be successful. That I would fail. Of course, I never let anyone know about the Fear voice, trying to shang hai the Retreat, especially not my twins, Abby and Bella, who were on to help me facilitate the day. I had my M.O.M. / “I got this shit” face on (note: anytime you use the word shit and face in the same sentence, there is usually something else brewing within).

But guess what? YOU came to my rescue. When I felt unsure, you believed in me, without question. When my expectations were overwhelming, you had none by trusting me completely.

Essentially, you loved me through it whether you knew it or not. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Watching my daughters lead us in Yoga, and share the symbolism behind their truth cards was like drinking a cocktail full of surprise, peace, comfort and immense pride (sorry, the alcohol metaphor just came so easily:)

During the Closing Ceremony, it was as though this sacred anointing took place over the twins, as each woman in her own unique and beautiful way, affirmed both Abby and Bella. In 6 short hours, healing grace permeated the space, and filled us up.

And it was good.

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