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For the first time since August of 2021, all 5 of my chicks will be in one place. It will be for less than 24 hours, but all my babies will be home.

Abby and Bella home from working full time jobs like real actual adults, Emma home from France, Cosette home from checking out Bellarmine boys from her workplace conveniently located across from the street from the school, and Charlie home surrounded on all sides by sisters - and loud opinions, and hugs where she will disappear into their arms, and a possibility of bra shopping.

No one tells you about it: raising them, loving them, watching them leave, and then awaiting their return. There is something in me, almost giddy with anticipation to be with them. These people.

If you’re a mama feeling stuff, I see you.



I snapped the above picture while two of the sisters were sleeping because I'm that weird mom now :)

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