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Hi There...

Hi there…good morning.

No, no, we’re not selling anything. Really, we’re not. We just wanted to remind you of something…you are totally and completely loved.

No seriously, put down your coffee for just one second and feel the space that is holding you together. Really lean in - or out - if you get really quiet, you’ll feel it in the expanse of nothingness. That’s where you’ll find us.

Hey, hey, hold on - we’re not done yet. Just put down your phone for just a second (we know you loved that Super Bowl halftime show and watch it on replay - we do too). It doesn’t matter what you do or say or how you show up or don’t show up, or how you muck it up…you are totally and completely loved.

There is nothing that you have ever done or anything you will do in your future that will make us not love you. You don’t believe us, huh? That’s okay. It’s normal at this point to become a little skeptical and jaded. Feel a little unworthy and worn down.

But please please please remember… that chatter isn’t true. But one thing is and will be forever: we love you to pieces.

We love you as much as a tiny Italian grandmother who squeezes your cheeks in her weathered hands, while simultaneously kissing you on the mouth - with gusto and without apology.

We love you as much as the space on a playground swing as you pendulum between forward and backward when your tummy does a little flip. That much.

We are not kidding. You are the end-all be-all for us. So do us a favor - don’t believe the chatter. And step into the light. Because that is who you are. And that is who you came to be. And that is part of this whole journey that often doesn’t make sense, but in the end it makes complete sense. You are totally and completely loved.

Alright, now go ahead, and watch Mary J again - we don’t blame you for one second. Don't mind us - we'll just be standing over your shoulder watching with you. Because we never leave you. Ever. Think of us as your Love Stalkers. We love you that much.

** Art: Kelly Rae Roberts - if you haven't checked out her stuff, it's AMAZING, and I highly recommend it

** I like to think that we have an entire team loving us...for some that would be the Holy Trinity, for others it would be loved ones that have passed on, and maybe for some, angels. But I mean, COME ON - how can there not be an entire team dedicated to loving us? Have you seen us lately? I love you. And so do they.**

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