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Guitar Solo

I sat hunkered over my bowl of chicken vegetable soup, slurping the warm goodness down like it down like an Olympic event. I was taking Gold.

Charlotte, sitting next to me reading, sensed my urgency while enamored in her cat book. “Are you getting on a call, Mama?”

“Yup, in 5 minutes and I just decided 2 minutes ago,” because why would I actually plan my life?

“What’s the call about?” she inquired.

“The Narrative Method: writing. I am trying to do one thing a day that helps me create, learn or express myself.”

Barely looking up from her Dino Nuggets, she said, “That’s a good idea, Mama.”

Kindreds, let us make time to create.

Write a love note on a windshield, sing at a red light, make something/ANYthing with your hands. And for Heaven’s sake, BE with others who are drumming to their own beat while someone is having a 5 minute spontaneous guitar solo.

Because before you know it, your soul will be set free.

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