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Good Job, You...

Dearest You,

I am coming in to give you a pep talk.

You have walked through a Global Pandemic for close to 2 years now (I have decided to round up). You have searched for toilet paper, bleach, and flour while baking and ingesting many loaves of bread (or maybe that's just me).

You have accomplished this while working from home, and then perhaps going back into work. You have navigated the uncharted territory of being "safe and healthy" while trying to do what is best for you and your family. You have homeschooled your littles as you also watched your grown children leave for college to take classes from their dorm rooms. You have cared for your elders, making sure they have everything that they need. You have lived with many people under your roof while doing all of the above and more.

Good job, you.

The time has come to celebrate that you not only survived, but thrived in the most difficult of circumstances. You have done it. You are doing it.

Good job, you.

Please take a moment to celebrate yourself. As women, we just don't do this enough. We deserve to be celebrated. When we recognize how gloriously resilient we are (albeit tired at times), we simultaneously give others permission to do the same.

Whether you have a warm cup of tea, put your face towards the sun, draw yourself a steamy hot bath, or pour yourself a delicious glass of wine, I hope that you take a moment to celebrate how fucking magnificent you are.

Remember, you are the lotus, rising up through the mud. And I have a cheese plate waiting for you.

Sending You So Much Love,


Altar picture taken at our Divine Feminine Retreat, November 2021

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