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Dance Moves

Call me a slow learner, but this just hit me…

If Whatever you call the Thing (God, Creator, Source) is LOVE,

(I apologize in advance for anyone religious or otherwise who ever tried to blame/shame/guilt you into thinking you are less than this - but I have a feeling if you’re reading this you do believe in LOVE)


You were created by the above LOVE Factory,


We are ALL embodiments of Divine LOVE, yes?

If you’re still not sure what in the world I am talking about, grab someone’s toddler (with their permission, of course), and take them on a walk around the block. Littles are Holy Wholly examples of this in action: curious, joyful, reverent towards 4 leggeds, birds, and bugs.

But time takes a toll and well, by the time we reach middle age, (or earlier depending on what life dishes out), there are sick parents to care for and college tuitions. Mortgages and inflation. The furnace just went out followed by the water heater.

We forget we were CREATED by LOVE to experience JOY. Yes, we have responsibilities, but we also need dance breaks every once in a while to break up the bullshit.

On Sunday during our last retreat, teary gratitude hijacked me in my small group as I was recalling the absolute JOY of witnessing 10 women dance their way down to the beach. Taking turns beating a drum. Dipping their toes into the water. Hugging one another for absolutely no reason.

Divine Godly Love in action. As each woman remembered what she was made of, another lit up and remembered too!

So in case you have forgotten:

You are LOVE

Made by LOVE

A true and

completely worthy Embodiment of LOVE, designed for JOY!

And we are here for your dance moves.

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