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My husband waited in line at Wells Fargo to make a deposit. Behind him he sensed there was someone special. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to make a new friend, he turned around to see a “small Mexican man with striking blue eyes.”

The two immediately struck up a conversation and he explained that he grew up in Chicago, before landing in California - his parents were immigrants who worked in the service industry. Tom began to get the feeling that the man’s family didn’t have it too easy. That this man’s life was a bit more complex. That NOT everyone welcomes you in America with open arms. Tom made direct eye contact with his new friend and said, “I am so glad you are here,” and he meant it.

As the two inched closer to the front, the tiny man shared with Tom, “You know, I’m kind of famous. I’m on the radio. They call me the Birdman.” When Tom shared this on our walk, I said, “Wow, you guys really went right there, huh? Bros?”

OMG how I wished I would have been in line too because what happened next…

The little man put his hands together and began doing various bird calls right there in Wells Fargo. Visibly impressed, Tom asked if he could do a Crow, but before Birdman could put his hands together, he got called up by the bank teller.

Tom began to think about all the men that have worked for him over the years - many men, beginning in the fields listening to birds as they picked and planted. It made complete sense this is how you would pass the time. Men who have known our daughters since they were itty bitties. Men who worked hard for our family so that we could have food on our table and they could too.

Tom was called up next, and as his new friend headed toward the exit and bright of day, he hollered, “Friend - Crow,” and nailed it.

A coming home moment for both men. Different men, and yet the same. I believe this is how we are made to walk with one another. Paying attention to the smallest moment for human communion.

Tom and Birdman both went to church - it just happened to be at Wells Fargo.

* I "made" my husband do watercolor with me - isn't he the cutest?

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