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I got called back after a routine mammogram because you know, reasons.

One ultrasound, one detailed torture device session, and 72 hours later, I was given the “all clear”.

I give thanks for the caregivers that do this every single day. I give thanks for the fact that I have access to health care. I feel nothing but grateful. It’s like each curveball thrown gets you ready for the next unpredictable thing coming your way.

I remember being pregnant with the twins and receiving a call from the genetic counselor explaining the girls’ numbers showed an indication for possible Downs. A more invasive procedure would give us a “for sure” answer, but there was also a possibility that it would terminate the pregnancy. Tom and I decided to wait until Abby and Bella were pushed out into the world to find out what exactly the situation would be. Because…LOVE.

When I received a similar call two years later while pregnant with Emma, I instinctively sat down at the kitchen table. I was told I was a carrier for Sickle Cell Disease. Well, Tom Walsh Super Genius is one white dude. Like, think of all the pasty countries where fair skinned folk live. That is where Tom’s kin come from. So this was a non-issue. But had it been…we get through. Persevere. Because…LOVE.

You will be okay.

It will be okay.

Your people will be okay.

It doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

It is hard.


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