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An Open Letter of Thanksgiving

To my first daughter, Abby, thank you for teaching me fierce compassion. You are stoic, solid, sturdy, reliable and safe. You are the mother hen ensuring your sister-chicks have what they need but also are willing to let them flail a bit to learn lessons needed to survive. This wisdom comes from your own experience in life school.

For my second daughter, Bella, thank you for teaching me silliness - woo-hoo, dancing to Lizzo, and deep forgiveness. Your heart has an unending gift for giving. You are soft and loving and a dancing queen. A lightweight who can’t really drink more than 2 beers, marching to the beat of your own drum.

To my third world traveling daughter, Emma, thank you for teaching me surrender, patience, and more surrender. You have been my most interesting science experiment, as I stumble to come up with a hypothesis before the school bell rings. Your sense of adventure and trying new things reminds me too, to take chances and go for it! C’est la vie ma fille.

For my little french bean #4, Cosette, thank you for reminding me to laugh every single day. You snuggle in for a hug, leaving me feeling like I’m being held in a vice grip. You are light and love and beauty embodied. And you don’t believe in wearing much clothing these days, but we’re feminists and understand you can change the world while wearing a midriff.

To my last bookend, Charlotte, wow. You would have thought your sisters primed me for the pump but you are so very different from them. Introverted, thinking deeply, listening silently. You love cats, drawing in your room with the door closed, and going to the library to check our more Warriors books. You are a big feeler, but wear a coat of “all is fine” on the regular. You are precious and tender. Thank you for joining our family to make it complete.

To my main squeeze, Tom Walsh Super Genius, how did we even arrive here? Thank you for rooting me, grounding me, being a safe harbor for me. Your unconditional love for the Creator, ability to see the potential for good in all people and situations, and belief in me, leave me speechless. I thank God for bringing us together on this crazy roller coaster ride of life, babe. Thank you for your patience, hugs, and leaving my side of the bed sheets tucked in so my feet stay warm.

And to the Village Well community…I never expected what would happen when we met in my living room 4 short years ago. Your compassion, fierce love for one another, and FUN is the salve for my soul. I am so incredibly grateful for you. I cannot wait to see where our journeys take us next.

Happy Thanksgiving Beautiful Humans… I love you, Michelle

* Tom helps me set up and pack up for retreat. Here we are after our last 3 Day Divine Feminine retreat. He is the best!

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