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All You Need...

I have been feeling nostalgic about the twins graduating from college in May. It's a milestone first for all of us: them as students, and me as a mama. Since these kids don't really listen to anything I say, I decided to write them a letter...

To my Ladybug - Poopsies: Abby and Bella,

All You Need…

All you need is some teen spirit and a back up plan. A clean pair of underwear is a bonus.

All you need is moisturizer with SPF 30 and a solid pair of shoes. Walk out the door and do the marvelous things that are for you and you to do only. A positive attitude is a plus which will most likely lead to meeting incredible new people and a high probability of receiving complimentary beverages.

All you need is a very loose blueprint of your plans. Your life will be like an ongoing remodel, always under construction and constantly needing your attention. This will cause you anxiety. But just know that sometimes change will be as simple as purchasing a pair of black out curtains and fresh bedding. Other times your life will demand as much time and money as doing a complete overhaul of the foundation. It’s especially important to wear your flexibility like a toolbelt. Never forget for one single second that you are the Fore Woman of your destiny. And this is your mother fucking Masterclass.

All you need at the end of the day is the tick, tock, ticking of your own heartbeat. All you need to do is follow that sound. This sound was implanted in you at conception - the day the angels stopped what they were doing and rejoiced you were coming to join our family.

No one else has a ticking heartbeat like you. It is your own unique concert, symphony and Broadway musical. And that heartbeat will always lead you Home. Always, always, always.

First you heard the heartbeat of yourself, and then your twin, and finally me. Live your life according to that principle. Follow your own beat, and remember that our heartbeats are close behind to clear the dancefloor, get you a drink, or possibly hold your hair back if it’s “been a night”.

Now you are leading the band, baby girl. You are the conductor of your life. And we cannot wait to hear the set list.

I love you, Mama

Maybe by the time May rolls around, I won't be crying?

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