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Village Well

gather. restore. heal.

Who We Are

Our mission at Village Well is to cultivate a community where radical self-love, empowerment, and authentic connection are held in a sacred container.

We honor the inclusivity of diverse faiths, genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  We gather with the understanding that each of us holds stories, truth, and light.

Together, we are on a collective quest to become the best version of ourselves: our Higher Selves.  

It is our intention to create safe and nourishing opportunities to connect. In our community, you are valued and your feelings will be witnessed with compassion.


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We Believe In...

One - on - One  

Small Group


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Self - Love Project


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We Offer...

Cultivating Clarity and Empowerment solo or in a small group setting

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Weekly gatherings that  enhance Connection through Community


Starting Back

September 10, 2022


Saturday 9 - 10 am PST

Image by Jen P.

Offered Online and

In Person

for a deeper dive into restoration and FUN!

These events typically


**COVID Protocol** 


Women Rising

Summit Speaker Series 


6 - 7 pm PST

July 17, 24, 31

August 14, 21, 28


Image by Deniz Altindas

 My Village Well creates the ideal space for sisterhood to flourish, with both deep connections to one another and space for self reflection. One can be real, uninhibited, and contemplative without judgement. My Village Well is a place for learning, understanding, empowerment, and above all, friendship. MVW is an answered prayer. 

- Kelly K.

Beach Fun

If there’s a place where it is possible to feel the joyful camaraderie, a lightness of being, where emotional obstacles are navigated in a safe and secure space that has been created for a wonderful group of women...  


 A place that is bound by trust, interspersed with laughter and a rollicking good time while being guided by Michelle, who relates and empathizes with us, cares deeply, while understanding each one of us...

it is Village Well.

- Alma U.

 Discovering My Village Well and working with Michelle has been beautiful, empowering, comfortable, educational, and a true blessing. I am grateful for this tribe of passionate and enlightened people who come together with peace, love and openness in their hearts. 

- Karen A.

After Coaching with Michelle,  I am more connected, open and curious. I have a stronger sense of what's important and a healthier self image because I value myself!

I have discovered that I am capable of being scared WHILE having new adventures, learning and growing.


- Julia B.

Image by Danielle MacInnes

The Village Well has empowered women to be their authentic selves. Personally, it has given me the gift of friendship and self care during a time in my life when I felt like I need to connect the most.


 - Amy F.

Uplifting - check!

Inclusive - check!

Heart to heart sisterhood - check!


Michelle has created an amazing community filled with support, connection and love.


- Lisa D.

Image by Brooke Lark

I have attended many of Village Well‘s offerings.  Michelle is an excellent facilitator and has the ability to create a safe and loving space whether it is online or in person. 


The feelings of love and connectedness that I experienced with the other women while on retreat are unparalleled. 


Michelle has the ability to consistently bring together an amazing and authentic group of women to learn from and connect with. 

- Alyson H.


Villager of the Month 

Laura Schemmel

May 2022

Each month we seize the opportunity to affirm a Villager whose light shines bright.

Hop on our Love Train!


Laura has the best hugs! Her beautiful smile, lovely soul, and wit bring joy, laughter, and warmth to anyone in her presence. 

- Carrie S.


Laura gives with her whole being. She has a reverence for others that shines bright and welcomes people instantly. Her wisdom, faith, and intuitiveness is calming for all who know her. Laura is a sacred powerhouse of love.

I’m grateful to call her my friend. 

- Kelly


Laura, you always bring me. “Happiness, insight and joy!!!” Love love love

getting to know you!

- Lory M.


Laura is our mother tree with strong, deep, sturdy roots. We all sit at her feet, listening to her wise words. She is constant, grounding and speaks to your authentic self 

- Marni


Laura, who takes a deep breath to take the power ;o). You presence invites people to pause and listen with you, while you deeply listen from your heart to them. You fill each room with love and joy and when your eyes start to sparkle, I am all in. Can't wait to be on retreat or other shenanigans with you again.

- Nic K.


Laura is a wise soul and when she speaks, you listen.  She has a calming presence and I love being around her

- Nancy


Laura is a deep and thoughtful person with a kind and generous heart. But don’t let that fool you! Still waters run fun - Laura is full of life and laughter and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her through the village activities.

- Kathleen

Who knew that our meeting at NDSJ Women's Spirituality Group was a Divine appointment? Laura, your deeply rooted presence is like a calming balm for the soul I didn't even know I needed.

Girl - you are under the radar with your sassifrass, and sharing your shower space on retreat,  and I am here for all it.

Love you

- Michelle W.

Laura is a warm, loving soul with an overwhelming maternal energy.  She is the calm and safe  place you need in your life.  Love you!

- Beth