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Who We Are

Our mission at Village Well is to cultivate a community where radical self-love, empowerment, and authentic connection are held in a sacred container.

We honor the inclusivity of diverse faiths, genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  We gather with the understanding that each of us holds stories, truth, and light.

Together, we are on a collective quest to become the best version of ourselves: our Higher Selves.  

It is our intention to create safe and nourishing opportunities to connect. In our community, you are valued and your feelings will be witnessed with compassion.


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Image by Deniz Altindas

 My Village Well creates the ideal space for sisterhood to flourish, with both deep connections to one another and space for self reflection. One can be real, uninhibited, and contemplative without judgement. My Village Well is a place for learning, understanding, empowerment, and above all, friendship. MVW is an answered prayer. 

- Kelly K.

Beach Fun

If there’s a place where it is possible to feel the joyful camaraderie, a lightness of being, where emotional obstacles are navigated in a safe and secure space that has been created for a wonderful group of women...  


 A place that is bound by trust, interspersed with laughter and a rollicking good time while being guided by Michelle, who relates and empathizes with us, cares deeply, while understanding each one of us...

it is Village Well.

- Alma U.

 Discovering My Village Well and working with Michelle has been beautiful, empowering, comfortable, educational, and a true blessing. I am grateful for this tribe of passionate and enlightened people who come together with peace, love and openness in their hearts. 

- Karen A.

After Coaching with Michelle,  I am more connected, open and curious. I have a stronger sense of what's important and a healthier self image because I value myself!

I have discovered that I am capable of being scared WHILE having new adventures, learning and growing.


- Julia B.

Image by Danielle MacInnes

The Village Well has empowered women to be their authentic selves. Personally, it has given me the gift of friendship and self care during a time in my life when I felt like I need to connect the most.


 - Amy F.

Uplifting - check!

Inclusive - check!

Heart to heart sisterhood - check!


Michelle has created an amazing community filled with support, connection and love.


- Lisa D.

Image by Brooke Lark

I have attended many of Village Well‘s offerings.  Michelle is an excellent facilitator and has the ability to create a safe and loving space whether it is online or in person. 


The feelings of love and connectedness that I experienced with the other women while on retreat are unparalleled. 


Michelle has the ability to consistently bring together an amazing and authentic group of women to learn from and connect with. 

- Alyson H.


Villager of the Month 

Beth Stone
September 2021

Each month we seize the opportunity to affirm a Villager whose light shines bright.

Hop on our Love Train!



Beth was one of the first people I met at My Village Well.  Her kindness and grace made me feel right at home.  She is a terrific mom and is not afraid to show her emotions.  Beth is down to earth and her laughter is contagious! 

Nancy P.




I was drawn to Beth’s open hearted acceptance of others and willingness to share from the first time I met her.  She is as generous as she is kind and I adore her!

Julia B.




Beth has been such an amazing soul sister to me and to everyone that meets her. She’s kind, generous and thoughtful. She’s the kind of girl who lives out loud, has the best laugh, is a dedicated mom, and will stay up till three in the morning with you just so you can talk. I truly treasure each moment spent with her!

Marni B.




Beth exudes love, laughter, and fast friendship. She knows when you need that pick me up text, love you Beth!

Carrie S.


Beth is the kind of Mom that I wish I had growing up.  She fills her children’s lives with love, fun, art , laughs and adventure.  She recognizes the moments to fill her own cup so she can be a wonderful Mom, Sister, Friend, Wife, Co worker, daughter… and most of all provide loving kindness towards herself.

Michelle Lee W.




Beth is a beautiful soul filled with positive, welcoming energy. She is devoted to her children and shares every day events as great accomplishments, encouraging them, as she does others, to be their best selves.

Laura S.




Beth has a contagious enthusiasm for life.  The girl is a combination of pure heart and fire.  She is also so crafty that she made my entire family Village Well apparel that we wear regularly. Beth is a triple threat of unconditional love, compassion and FUN.

Michelle W.




I  love Beth’s fierce loyalty to her loved ones.

Shirley R.




Beth is a strong determined woman who puts her whole self into all that she does.  She’s kind, compassionate and loving.  She cares deeply for those she loves. She’s free spirited with a heart of gold and up to try anything.  I am so very proud of the woman she’s become.

Beth’s Mama, Jenny