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When I look at you...

When I look at you I see a masterpiece of how God knit you together molecule by molecule, cell by cell, placing each strand of hair on the crown of your head like conducting an orchestra.

When I look at you I see unconditional love mixed with the fear of uncertainty and a boatload of potential. When I look at you I see an infinite galaxy and a crackling bonfire and the ocean blue. You are all of these things, and yet sometimes, it’s normal for us to forget this.

We get swept up in making dinner, making mammogram appointments and making the mortgage. We get distracted by Life School, clinging to the unnecessary particulars that simply do not matter. It envelops us like a tornado and before we know it, I’m Dorothy and you’re the Scarecrow, and we both are trying to save the Tin Man while letting Auntie Em know we’ll be home for supper.

So when I look at you, the storm stops and I am reminded of my own divinity because I see it in you. Let us remember our gifts as we celebrate them with one another. As we cheer for new babies, and 95th birthdays, and surviving Cancer, and kids paving their own way with a Gap year, and a sense of humor that makes us pee our pants, and moving our family back to the city after spending 2 ½ years breathing in an entirely new way.

When I look at you I see myself and I am whole. Thank you for this gift - that of which is you. Thank you for bringing me Home to myself.

Dedicated to our sister, Jen. She is the cutie third from the left.

May you rest in peace, power, and all things good and holy. Love you Jen.

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