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When life feels heavy, remember it is a temporary illusion. That God is a Master Creator Magician of embodiment and unconditional love.

If life feels like a burden, it may be because you're so enmeshed with loving someone else that there is no separation between the two of you. Remember what will happen if you put too much wood on the fire too soon: without adequate oxygen it snuffs out quickly. The same is true of the human soul. Give it air and space to breathe out regularly.

If it feels like there is no end in sight, remember “this too belongs” and you may not want it to. You might rage and question and throw up your hands in defeat, and that’s also okay, too. It means you’re still breathing.

Because through it all, you are be-loved. You are being held by invisible strings of light in this marvelous puppet show of life. You are being embraced in a hammock made of a million fireflies that have intertwined their wings to support you in your trust fall. But if you’re not still, and you’re always busy, you won’t feel it. Instead, the suffering of resistance will take over like Captain and Commander.

We hope that on this very day, you will remember to turn your face towards the sun so we may remind you of your own Divinity. That you came from stardust and you will return to stardust when the dance here is completed. But in the sacred in between time, you are deeply aware of the unmistakable UNION in our COMMUNION of Spirits.

We promise if you become still you will feel our presence that is not of this world. You see, where you go, we will follow. We love you that much. And we will until you take your very last breath.

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