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I just listened to a meditation on receiving. Turns out I don’t do this so well.

The Zen intonation of the teacher asked what it would be like if I was open to the Universe co-creating with me.

On some levels, I embody the generous Walmart greeter who really loves her job: welcoming, smiling, and wishing you a blessed day. In these moments, I shoot from the hip because I am not overthinking. In fact, my brain isn’t even involved. My heart is leading the band. This takes up approximately 1.8% of my time here on Earth.

About 20 seconds into the Walmart Greeter Flow, I suddenly remember I have BILLS to PAY. And I need to PLAN my LIFE. So I HARDEN and ARMOR up. Naively thinking that will keep me safe.

I actually found a five dollar bill on the trail last week. Not even a ONE dollar bill - a FIVE. Then I found another. And lastly, one more: $15 dollars. If I was like, “show me the money,” God was like: HERE.

I brought the currency home and placed it on my altar. I mean, this is someone’s Starbucks moolah that I stumbled upon. That’s a big sacrifice. I am working on paying attention to the signs.

I am worthy to receive.

I am worthy to receive.

I am worthy to receive.

Let’s put this on repeat until it steeps and becomes the air that we breathe.

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