New Panties...

Updated: Jan 9

I just purchased $100 worth of new underwear.  I wanted the free shipping from Nordstrom Rack.  Now you know what my 16 pairs of panties look like.   Because like many women, I have neglected to buy myself new undergarments for longer than I care to admit.   I have been donning the same big, ol' grandma thong panties for more than a bit of time now.  Comfy, stretchy lace sides that don't ride up, and hug my mama muffin belly just so.  Yet still make me feel like I haven't completely surrendered to my age.   Like...look at me...not giving up completely.  Truth be told, no one is looking,  at anything.  Unless you count Tom :) And so it seems that for months I have known I needed new underwear.  But by the same token, apparently had no problem sliding on stretched out undies that had holes in the them.  Because the alternative was: Stop my life.  Research where to find the SAME panties.  Pay for said panties.  It was then, I realized a central theme running rampant in the lives of not just me, but many women.    Just the week before, while discussing victories for the week with friends, one sister mentioned she was proud of herself for purchasing new bras. We simultaneously cheered for her newly supported breasts!   Another friend confessed she finally got to the Ob/Gyn appointment she had been putting off. Yet another WIN for a busy woman taking care of so many other people in her realm.  And yet another friend, pulled the trigger on paying for and joining the YMCA. As she told me about getting into the pool for the first time in forever, she was filled with a childlike giddiness.  She almost elevated off the couch.  We give and give, and yet, often don't give ourselves permission to buy new underwear, or bras, or get our very private areas checked, or pay money to join a gym.   But see, it is a lot of work being us.  Mothers. Wives. Daughters. Sisters. Friends.  Workers.  Seekers. Survivors. So let's make a pact, okay? Let's give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves.  Let's stop pretending and hoping that our needs are not important.  Or what we want is not really that big of a deal.  Or that our kids need new and better things more than we do.   Because the world needs us.  But first, we must fight for ourselves! Feel free to utilize the permission slip below to justify any actions that may follow the reading of this blog.

Permission Slip 

I, _____________, hereby have  permission to _______________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ I will do this by this date: _______________________________ because my wants and needs are just as important as everyone else. With Love, ______________________

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