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Lately, I have been feeling a little anxious. Not like, "OMG the house is on fire, grab everyone's birth certificates, the dog, and snacks!" Because I am a mom and you never leave home without a portable carb of some kind.

I have come to the epiphany that maybe it's linked directly to the fact that my daughter, Abby, is having her third knee surgery (in Wisconsin, and I am flying out to be with her for 9 days right before Christmas, and I haven't even spoken with the surgeon yet, and there will be snow, and it will be very cold, and did I mention the snow?) And I just keep buying more sweaters.

I am nesting. I am preparing. I am thinking all the thoughts that a Mama has before her baby is going in for surgery where you must completely surrender your human to another human, who is basically a medically trained stranger :)

I cannot shut it off. And that's okay. It's part of this human experience, and loving someone so much that you realize where your heart ends and their heart begins.

And so, if you, like me, are having some anxiety, I hope you'll give yourself permission to soak in the immense beauty of hunkering down, getting quiet, and tending to your soul.

For me, this means...


Chaos, Noise, Mindless Spinning Movement


Chillaxing, Reading, Practicing the Art of Plopage (Anne Lamott)


To-Do Lists, Consumerism, Drama


Presence, Forest Bathing, Prayer


Guilt, Shame, Useless Worry


Homemade Sweet Treats, Moon Gazing, Flirting with Babies and Old People

So let's make a promise to one another shall we? (mainly because I cannot be trusted on my own) Let's promise to pay attention to the small moments that seek absolutely no attention. Because that's where God sneaks right in through the back door... to remind us how incredibly loved we are.

And if it's not too much trouble, would you please pray for my baby on December 15th? Light a candle, hold her up, and pray for her mama, too.

With Love,

Abby & Michelle

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