Angel Readings

Spirit’s love for us is infinite. Yet, often life can leave us feeling a little lost and unsure as to what our next step may be. If you would like a little Divinely led guidance and clarity, an Angel Reading is for you! I have been working with my Angels for years now, and their answers have not only been affirming, but often, enlightening and reassuring! 

How It Works...

*You ask 1-3 open ended questions 


Examples: What would you like me to know right now?  What is the next step on my path?

*I journal the Divine Feedback, as a Conduit

*We set up a time to meet via Zoom

45-60 minutes

What People are Saying . . .

"Michelle is a gifted and intuitive coach. Angel writing is one of many modalities that she uses to help you heal yourself, and guide you to find your unique gifts. Angel writing helped me get clarity on how to move forward and write my own story.

- A.S.  

$125 per Session